“I didn't burn my bras...I like my bras. I ring your bell when it's important."

The Women of Qumar", The West Wing"

I do not believe in equality. But I do believe in equality of opportunity.  As Europe’s first VC for female founders, that’s exactly what we provide to our female founders. We level the playing field. 


No gimmicks.  Just action - one investment at a time.

According to the 2018 study by the British Business Bank, in the UK, only about 1% of venture capital cash went to women led businesses, and only 10% to those with a woman on the founding team.  That’s a whole lot of value being missed out on.  According to the Alyson Rose Review, £250bn worth of value, in the UK alone. 

And we are not just talking about cash here. We are talking about products and services being built, without properly addressing the needs of half of the population.


As a woman and a mother, I find this infuriating. As an entrepreneur, I see this as an opportunity.


For twenty years I have specialised in building businesses.  From a social impact incubator, to a £250m renewable energy venture, to turnarounds of tech companies for investors.  Along the way, I have seen many promising ventures fail to secure cash from investors who simply did not understand the market or saw women founders through a subconsciously skewed lens. ​ 


According to HBR, an identical pitch, for an identical business, has a four times more likelihood of being funded with an all male team. Moreover, investors ask different questions to male vs female founders, leading to very different funding outcomes.


​But more than that, women shy away from raising cash from VCs.  Many perceive the industry as aggressive and masculine; a place where success is often measured by money raised and not by value created. It does not match their culture and approach to doing business.


​So we are fixing this.


Voulez Capital is built on the foundations of Fair Venture Principles, inspired by Georges Doriot – the founding father of the VC industry.  

Each day we focus on creating an environment where founders are understood, supported and are able to thrive. While others talk about investing in women, we simply help build great companies, led by women. One deal at a time. 

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Anya Navidski

Founding Partner