“If men could breastfeed, surely the breast pump would be as elegant as an iPhone and as quiet as a Prius by now.”

The New York Times

We see investment in women not just as ‘impact’ investment, though it is.  We see it as something that makes business sense and a great source of opportunities. Many reputable studies have shown that businesses with more gender balanced senior teams perform better than the rest of the market (e.g. Quantopian, Credit Suisse, Catalyst, Nordea)

It is our sincere desire that in a few years time, as a result of work done by companies like Voulez Capital, our focus on women will no longer be required. That the venture capital market will 'normalise' and we will be able to broaden our investment criteria.  

As a summary:

  • We invest only in companies with at least one female founder or co-founder

  • We typically come in at late Seed stage, where we can see some traction to date, and we then lead our companies through Series A

  • We prefer to lead our rounds, as it allows us to make sure the entire round is consistent with Fair Venture Principles

  • We are industry generalists, though there are a few things we definitely do not invest in (such as food and drink, cosmetics brands, most retail and fashion) but we will do technology behind those industries

  • We like companies tackling the larger challenges facing our society and our planet, such as energy and sustainability, zero waste, circular economy, residential care, education, healthcare, women's health, market places, digital and data, as well as things like cyber security and digital identity protection and products and services which improve the lives of women and families

We provide our companies with a global platform and post-seed growth capital they need to succeed and always focus on the specific resources each business needs in order to become self sufficient and profitable.

Our collaborative approach of working together with the founding team, as well as our Investment Readiness Programme (for companies that are a little too early for VC capital), create an environment where trust and confidence flourish, resources (including capital) are used effectively, all stakeholders are aligned around the same roadmap, and success is measured not by how much money is raised but by the value our founders create, not just for investors and shareholders, but also for customers.

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