Tatyana Staneva


Tatyana is Senior Director Digital Innovation & Beyond at GSK, the biopharma and consumer healthcare company. She works at the crossroads of traditional pharma and digital disruption to leverage the best of both worlds and create value for everyone in the larger healthcare ecosystem.

Tatyana is passionate about helping young companies develop and thrive. She is interested in all sorts of business models and the people and things that drive them to success. With twenty years of experience in industry, strategy consulting, and M&A, she has a hands-on customer-oriented approach, a strategic mindset, and a profound understanding of company valuation from the perspective of both buyers and sellers. 

At Voulez Capital, she helps our companies master operational business challenges like product/market fit, commercial and go-to-market strategy, processes and organizational set-up. She provides insight into the intricacies of navigating large corporate clients, helps craft exit strategies, and adds structure and focus to our teams, helping them to execute their vision at their best.